The Goehner Group presented their report to the church at a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday,

October 15.  This audio presentation has been recorded and can be heard in its entirety. 

 The following is the information was presented on PowerPoint. to go along with the message. 

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The following is a letter from the CV First Board with an important update to announce to the church and followed by a letter from Pastor Daniel Ennis followed. Copies of these letters have been mailed. There will be an opportunity to ask questions regarding this and other important updates at CV First’s town hall meeting this coming Sunday, October 15th at 6:00 pm.


CV First Board Letter -10-2017


Pastor Daniel’s Letter


OCTOBER 1, 2017 Congregational Update

Worship Director Transition

For the past several months, CV First has been blessed by the commitment of our brother Chris Burke in handling the music in our weekly Sunday worship services.  Recently, he has brought to the leadership’s attention his desire to focus his gifts on teaching during our 9 am Discipleship hour.  He has already demonstrated his gifting in this area through team teaching with

Pastor Matty.


Thankfully, the Lord has brought an individual to us that could take over for Chris in the Sunday Worship responsibilities.  We are interviewing this person towards a part-time Sunday worship director position and hope to bring him before the congregation within a few weeks. Our Sunday Worship Services are a significant aspect to our ministries so we want to be prayerful and clear on who the Lord wants in this role.


We will still see Chris on stage but in the meantime, please join me in thanking Chris Burke in his sacrificial work over the past several months.


Facilities/Campus Maintenance Director

Another announcement I would like to make is that our brother Ben Atkinson will be going full time as our Maintenance Director.  Ben has been doing an incredible job with our church facilities.  Our leadership has agreed that a full-time position is warranted with a campus our size considering our daily AKK and other weekday/night ministries.  Please join us in thanking Ben for the great work he has already done on campus and now transitioning to full-time status.



SEPTEMBER 2017 Congregational Update

Last month, CV First hired the Goehner Group (, a church consultant group specializing in church transition. Over a series of meetings, they met with the church leadership board to assess the current state of the church. This led to a weekend of focus group meetings with a large cross section of our church people. These meetings were characterized with consistent candor, honesty, concern and transparency from the participants. The consultants perceived a great love expressed for Christ, His Word and the ministry of CV First.


From these meetings, some very definitive patterns emerged which will be systematically addressed over the next few months. This is the initial step in the consultant’s work as they prepare for the hiring of a Transitional Senior Pastor whose specific calling is to intentionally address the above-mentioned patterns along with help of the CVF Leadership Team.

NOTE: The Transitional Senior Pastor will not be considered for the Senior Pastor position.


We ask for the church to be in a season of prayer for the Consultants, CVF church leadership and the overall transition process. Specifically pray for the Leadership Team Retreat on Saturday, October 7 that will be led by our consultants. Also, please pray for your participation in a

24-hour fast that will start on Saturday, October 14 (5 pm) and conclude on Sunday, October 15

(5 pm) with a potluck meal together prior to our Town Hall Meeting (6 pm) and All-Church Prayer Gathering (7 pm).




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