April 30th 2017 – Congregational Communication

Deacon Board Update

We would like you all to know that our brother James Tucker has resigned his role as Deacon as of Thursday April 20th. James has told us that God has been teaching him that at this point, being a Deacon is not his calling.  He and his family will continue to be a part of CV First. We thank James for his service over the past 2 years, and will miss his participation and Godly perspective on the leadership team. We respect his decision to step down.  Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord’s direction for additional Deacon board members.


Dr. Steve Korch Update

We want to inform you that the church leadership team has decided not to continue utilizing the services of Dr. Steve Korch as our transitional coach. When we brought Steve onboard for this role in February of this year, we made this decision being aware of a particular sin in Steve’s past. We did not think that this sin disqualified him from being able to guide our church in the transition process, specifically because he had demonstrated repentance, which was covered under God’s grace, and had a proven track record of Godly service for many decades as a pastor, seminary teacher and transitional coach. We did however, underestimate the amount of hurt that would be caused by having Steve in this position and not coming to you sooner. This should have happened early in the process, when first introduced Steve to the congregation. In an effort to best serve this body, we have severed our relationship with Dr. Steve Korch effectively immediately, because we do not want to cause additional pain for our people. If you are one of those who has been hurt by this, please hear our deepest apologies, as our intentions have always been to serve and protect this body and not place any additional stumbling blocks or sources of pain in front of you. For that, we ask for your forgiveness.


So what’s next?  As we continue to seek the Lord’s will through this transition process, we still firmly believe in the value of outside help and in the value of a transitional coach. We are currently exploring other options for a transitional coach to come onboard as we believe the Lord will be able to use someone in this capacity to greatly bless our church. We ask for your continued prayers as we seek to honor the Lord with His church here at CV First. We ask for your continued prayers for the church leadership and for those who have been impacted by this situation.


March 1, 2017 – ANNOUNCEMENTS

 CV First announces the hiring of Daniel Ennis as Family Pastor.  The Family Pastor will oversee the Children’s and Youth Ministries.  Starting Date: April 1, 2017

We are blessed to announce that our very own Daniel Ennis has accepted the call to be our Family Pastor.  Daniel has been taking Bible college courses for the past 4 years pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies while working full-time with ThinkHR as a Customer Success Manager.  He has been ministering alongside Pastor Jere Lester in our youth ministry and has done so for the past 10 years as volunteer, preacher and Jr High Coordinator.  In addition, Daniel currently serves as one of our deacons and has done so faithfully and sacrificially for the past 3 years.  He and his wife, Amber, have been an instrumental part of our church, especially with our youth ministry.  Daniel will be a vital part of our church transition as Pastor Jere leaves to plant a church in the San Diego area.


CV First announces the transition of Patrick Lee to Executive Pastor.

Starting date – Effective Immediately.

Pastor Pat will transition to the executive role after serving the past three years as our Children’s Pastor.  He has prior experience as a former administrative pastor at his previous church.  He will retain his involvement with Crossover Basketball while transitioning his other children’s responsibilities to our new Family Pastor, Daniel Ennis.  Pastor John Mileham will be retiring at the end of March and will work closely with Pastor Pat during this transition. We are so thankful for John Mileham and all the hard work he has done at CV First for nearly two decades!


CV First announces the addition of Senior Ministry Oversight to Matthew Blevin

Starting date – Effective Immediately.

Pastor Matty will now oversee the Seniors’ Ministry as part of his Adults Pastor responsibilities. He will come alongside them with his love for the seniors to provide care and ministry direction.  This ministry will be transitioned from Pastor John Mileham who will be retiring at the end of March.


CV First announces the partnership with Dr. Steve Korch as our Transitional Coach

Starting Date – Effective Immediately.

 Dr. Steve Korch is a professor at Western Seminary in Santa Clara, teaching pastoral theology and communication skills.  He has pastored three West Coast churches and currently assists churches in transition.  He will work with the Leadership Team (Deacon Board and Church Staff) to guide CV First towards successfully transitioning through this time of change and appointing our next Senior Pastor.



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