With our New Sunday Format we are blessed to have new discipleship classes at our 9:00 hour! Check them out!


 “True and Better: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament”

Leader: Daniel Ennis.

Room: The Rock.

Audience: Families with kids. All are welcome.


 “The Book of Philemon”

Leaders: Reuben Salas and Randy Wright.

Location: Room 104. (starting at 8:45 am)

Audience: Seniors. All are welcome.


 “The Book of Esther”

Leader: Gini Monroe.

Location: Room 202.

Audience: Gals only. All ages!


“The Book of Exodus: Part 2″

Leader: Eric Reinhardt.

Location: Room 201.

Audience: All are welcome. 


“The Book of 2nd Kings”

Leader: Charles Woody.

Location: The blue room (in the gym).

Audience: Seniors. All are welcome.


“When God Brings Revival: A Study of Revivals in the Bible and History”

Leader: Matty Blevins.

Location: Fireside.

Audience: All are welcome.