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The task of searching for our PastorNext is of great importance for our church as we strive to learn more, live for, and love our Lord. Although some may think this effort is merely a matter of “finding the right man,” experience has shown that it is really a matter of hearing the voice of God – discerning His leadership and divine will. Whomever the Lord matches us with will be the individual who will lead our church family into a deeper relationship with Christ and in His mission to our world.
This Candidate Referral Form is designed to receive your suggestions for a potential candidate for CV First. If you believe your referral is a good fit, please provide all the information requested on the below form. It will then be electronically delivered to the Search Team, and members are instructed not to discuss your referral, simply to receive it.
All referrals will be treated with confidentiality. After the Pastor Search Team receives your referral, there will be no further contact with you about your referral. Why is this? First, the work of the Pastor
Search Team relating to the candidates is confidential. Second, the confidentiality of potential candidates is of high importance: for him, his family, and his present church.
It is important to understand that this referral is only a referral and no commitments or assurances are implied by its acceptance.
Please continue to pray for the Pastor Search Team, and God bless you. Thank you for being a part of this process!

To fill in this form by hand, please print out the hard copy of the form and return it in a sealed envelope to a Pastor Search Team member, mail it to the Church Office, or email it to the Team at .
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