Being a good man ain't easy. Being a faithful Christian man might be even harder.  Yet God has given us this blessed calling for His glory and the good of those who  have been called according to His purposes. That's where we come in. The men of CV First seek God together, encourage each other, and celebrate a life of abundance as foreigners in a strange land.

Weekly Bible Study

2020 Men's Retreat



Redwood Glenn Conference Center - Loma Mar

Our Speaker - Pastor John Wodetzki, Lead Pastor 


 It is easy in today’s world to be caught up in life, and neglect to actually “live” it. In the 1960’s, Charles Hummel wrote a little book titled, “The Tyranny of the Urgent”; which presented the ever-present struggle between the things that are important and the things that are urgent. Usually, the urgent wins out. The bills need to be paid, food needs to be on the table, the boss needs a report, or we need to lose another ten pounds.

Whatever the “urgent” is; we often sacrifice the real things that are important. What gives? Are you spending time with your family, investing in the lives of others, neglecting your faith, or missing important events -- birthdays, football games, anniversaries, and holidays?

During this special weekend, we will focus on “Re-booting” our lives, taking control of the urgent and submitting it to what is important. We will look at re-booting our own lives, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and the different contexts where the imbalance exists. Where are you in your relationships? How is your relationship with the Lord? How are your relationship with your family and friends? How are your relationship in other areas as well as the important people in your life?

In short, are you in control of your life, or is your life controlling you?