Our Missionaries

Castro Valley First Baptist Church supports 10 missionaries working around the world. Of those we support, 76% of our missions budget goes toward those working with unreached people groups overseas (most of that is in Asia), 14% toward those working in the states with international students from Asia, and 10% toward those working here in the states.


 serve through Navajo Ministries in Four Corners. Jim recently retired as President, but still works part-time along with Kay as directors of the Partnership Ministry, connecting donors to the sponsored children.  They also direct the Navajo Nation Outreach program, and Jim continues to do his daily radio talk show.


serve through JARON Ministries International, out of the Fresno region. Rob is Director of their short-term missions and oversees missions trips that include pastoral training in several countries. He also does training at the JARON Bible Institute in So. Mexico and No. Uganda. Rob is actively involved in Code 3 International Peace Offers ministries and his team shares the Gospel, hands out Police Bibles and C3 Gospel tracts at conferences around the world.


and family currently serve in Kenya, but plan to relocate in South Sudan in 2016.   As a veterinarian, Troy is able to share the love of the Gospel with vulnerable families in the community and through the relationships that can be built through caring for animals and through animal projects that can support their livelihood.


serves as Regional Director for She is Safe in Southeast Asia. Her role is to lead and guide training of women through transformation groups. She collaborates with local leaders to develop and share vision, weed out weaknesses of their program, bolster its strengths, and promote best practices. Ministries are expanding, and their outreach is reaching more remote and difficult areas. Their goal is to create stronger rural models for mentorship, training and outreach for empowerment of women.


lives and works with his family in the Philippines. He works with JARON Ministries and its partnership with Foundations for Christian Leadership, training church leaders and planting churches.  He travels within the Philippines and to other nearby countries in Southeast Asia, working with the National Church Planting Congress with a goal of seeing 70,000 house churches established by the end of 2020.


serve through CRU out of Florida. John travels around the world training in new ways to be more relevant in sharing the Gospel and building up believers. He also does outreach to churches here in the states to mobilize them for CRU and send workers into the harvest.


serves as Chaplain at several public schools in New Zealand. Many of the students are now understanding the Gospel and beginning a relationship with Christ. Altogether, Steve is connected with about 2,000 students and 180 adults through his ministry as Chaplain at these schools. Two new chaplains have been placed at schools in the area and more are in training. The goal is to expand the ministry by placing more chaplains at more schools. His wife Cynthia-Louis runs a WOW Bible Study, modeled after Liz Fosdahl’s Women of the World program.


currently serves in an Asian country, where they train team members to serve in a nearby very closed Asian country.


returned to the mission field after a long furlough in the states, back to the Middle-Eastern country where they have served for more than twenty years. They plan to continue to work with students and young professionals in the area they live as one of several new strategies to increase outreach.


serves as a missionary in Indonesia, working out of her base in Little Rock, Arkansas and traveling frequently. Her husband Frank works at a local church and also is working on two books based on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.