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CV First! TreeHouse Kids needs your help! 

With the ability to reopen, we are looking ahead in anticipation of our grand opening for TreeHouse Kids. BUT first, we need volunteers to serve! You may be a great teacher- we need you! You may be a great greeter- we need you! You may be a great hall monitor- we need you! If you want to help but not sure where- we still need you! There will be lots of new ways to volunteer at TreeHouse Kids! Did I mention- we need you!

For many, it might be difficult to have to be in and out of church all the time. We understand and want you to be able to attend main service and serve the kiddos too. So, allow me to lay out the volunteer positions, needs, and the frequency.

Teachings Team (3 members)
When teaching a series, it’s always good to have consistency. That’s why we want our teaching teams to serve a month at a time. That way the same team is covering the monthly theme and not breaking up the momentum. Our goal is to have 4 teaching teams, so each team will ideally have only 12 Sundays per year to teach. Each team will consist of the main teacher, a helper, and a student helper. For our Preschool team, we will need only one teacher and a helper. We will need four teams for Elementary and Preschool grades.

Sunday School Teachers
Many of you know the impact of a Sunday School teacher, and our kids need that now more than ever. This weekly position will engage, grow, equip, and build relationships with the kids. If you are not able to commit to every week, someone could split time with you. We will also need at least one helper for each teacher.

Check-In Team
Our Check-In team is essential to our ministry. They are the “first faces” families will see as they come to TreeHouse Kids each week. This team will get to greet each family and welcome the kids, all while assisting in keeping them safe as you check them in and out of the TreeHouse Kids area. The consistency for this position is once per month and ideally our desire is to have at least 4 different people.

Hall Monitor
This position is the “gate keeper” of TreeHouse Kids. These individual(s) will help get kids to their classrooms after check-in; make sure no one is in the TreeHouse Kids area that should not be and have fun interacting with the kids. It’s simply patrolling the area and keeping our kids and staff safe. Like the check-in team, these individuals will serve once a month. Because our main TreeHouse Kids area and Nursery/Toddlers areas are separated, we will need 2 hall monitors each Sunday.

Quick glance at the position needs

Monthly Rotations:
Elementary Teachers- 4 Positions
Elementary Teacher Helpers- 4 Positions
Elementary Student Helpers- 4 Positions
Preschool Teachers- 4 Positions
Preschool Helpers- 4 Positions

Sunday School Teacher(k-3)-1 Position
Sunday School Teacher(4-5)- 1 Position
Sunday School Helpers- 2 Positions

Once a Month:
Check-in/out- 4 Positions
Hall Monitor- 4 Positions
Family Worship Sunday

Every 5th Sunday of a month, the TreeHouse Kids area will be closed, so everyone, including our kids
can participate in our main service. Families are extremely important to us, so we want you to have
the chance to worship with your family and as a larger church family. This is a great time to teach your
kids what worship is all about and just enjoy being with one another. Our church family is also
important to us, so this is also a chance for all of us to be in the same room worshipping together!
Some families may not be used to being together - especially if it’s a new experience - but here are a
few things to put you at ease:

• We will have Activity boxes available for the younger kids to help keep them occupied, but also
encourage them, as much as possible, to take part in the service.

• If at any time you feel you need to step out with your child, please feel free to do so. The
nursery and toddler area will be open and available but not staffed.

• Know that we want your kids in the sanctuary with us. Please don’t let them be a “distraction”
to you because they are not distracting us.

TreeHouse Kids ministry will be an amazing place to serve! It will be a joy to come alongside families and equip kids with God’s truth as we keep our focus on our Lord.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or 510-582-0515.


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