Crossover Youth Basketball

Crossover Youth Basketball

2023-24 Season 

Registration opens August 1, 2023

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CROSSOVER Basketball was a sports program of Redwood Christian Schools in partnership with Castro Valley First Baptist Church, 3Crosses Church, Redwood Chapel Community Church and First Presbyterian Church of Hayward.  

CROSSOVER Basketball is an official affiliate of the Golden State Junior Warriors Program.
Crossover Basketball has now moved to Crossover Sports. A 501c3 that offers more than basketball.

History of Crossover

Crossover Youth Basketball started in 1987 uniting the young basketball players in our community with one another, caring coaches, and the local church. This is a recreational ministry – which is also one of the largest youth organizations partnering with the NBA’s Junior Warriors program and Redwood Christian Schools. Our program is designed to provide a fun and safe activity for the youth in our community.

Crossover is a ministry partnership between Castro Valley First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church of Hayward, Redwood Chapel Community Church, and other local churches with the goal of creating healthy competition and building biblical character to all participants. Each participant will receive a uniform and a player devotional booklet with weekly “Crossoverse” Bible verses to study and memorize.

This co-ed ministry runs from November through mid-February. There are five divisions that are separated by grades: 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th, 8th/9th, and 10th-12th. It is an opportunity for boys and girls to learn about God, have fun, play basketball, and demonstrate teamwork skills. One hour practices are held once a week (beginning in November) and games are only played on Saturdays (beginning in December).

Our name, Crossover, has a special meaning. It is an important and basic basketball move, which involves a change of direction, from one side to the other. It also reminds us that spiritually we can “cross-over” from death to life through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.