PST Updates

PST Update - 9/16/18

Today is an exciting day for us! We now have our Pastor Next page live on the website! Here you can see all the information we are sending to potential candidates.  Our documentation that we've shared with you before, such as our referral form, and our search process FAQ are already there, but today we're also launching our Pastor Profile live today! On this document, you can see the qualities that we've prayed about and discussed at length that we are looking for in Pastor Next. 

We will continue to update this page as we complete additional documentation that we are still working on. We thank you for your continued word of encouragement and prayer.

Presenter: Jessica Burke

Posted by PST Team

PST Update - 8/5/18

An update for you all. We're trying to get up in front of everyone on Sunday every 3-4 weeks to ensure that we're keeping everyone up to date on progress. We're currently working on putting together some cornerstone documents we will use in the search process. Additionally, we wanted to thank you for those people using our referral forms to submitted to us. As a reminder, we ask that if you send a referral to us, please use the referral form and ensure it is filled out completely. We've gotten some interesting submissions on pieces of paper other than our referral form which we cannot take into full consideration.

As a final reminder, please fill out the church survey as it closes at the end of the day! Thanks!

Presenter: Kyle Grymonprez

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PST Update - 6/24/18

Small update on our search process for everyone. We want to remind everyone that the search process is just that, a process. We are currently going through trainings and ensuring that we are following and committing to the process, as being taught and led by The Goehner Group and our Transitional Senior Pastor.  It's like we are building a house. We can't just start putting walls and a roof up, we're currently pouring the foundation. It is slow going, and takes time to dry, but it is an important part of the process.

We are asking for the congregation to continue to be kind, patient and be in prayer for us as we go through this training and continue seeking the Lord's guidance for Pastor Next.

Presenter: Jessica Burke

Posted by PST Team